Family Law

Family Law


Family law is a complex and often emotionally charged field of law. It encompasses important life events and problems that can greatly affect an individual and his or her family, such as:

Dealing with any family law problem can cause an individual a significant amount of trouble and loss, both emotionally and financially. When a family law issue arises, a skilled, experienced, and compassionate attorney such as Michael Raheb can help.

Prenuptial Agreements

The laws concerning prenuptial or premarital agreements are relatively new, and the courts are still determining what is and is not acceptable in a prenuptial agreement. If you have such an agreement and are dissatisfied, or if you’re thinking of having one drawn up, an attorney’s advice is warranted.


Many legal problems can arise surrounding a marriage or remarriage—at its start, during its duration, or if it comes apart. A lawyer’s representation is advisable to protect your marital rights.


Even the simplest of divorces can cause a major upheaval in a person’s life—financially, emotionally, and legally. You are presented with an array of difficult choices, and an attorney’s guidance at this time can ensure that your best interests are upheld.


Alimony is financial assistance given by one spouse to the ex-spouse. Alimony is not awarded in every divorce. If you desire this form of financial assistance, or if you are the spouse who is contesting the alimony, a skilled divorce attorney can help you maximize your legal rights.

Domestic Violence

Whether you have experienced domestic violence or you are alleged to have committed it, attorney Michael Raheb can represent you in court, in negotiations, and wherever else your legal rights must be protected.

Division of Assets

This is often a very contentious aspect of divorce, and it’s advisable to have the counsel of an experienced attorney when you and your spouse are setting about the division of all that you’ve accumulated before and during your marriage.

Child Support

There are very specific child support guidelines set forth by Florida statute, and the courts will act in the interest of the children involved. Beyond these starting guidelines, a family law lawyer can help you arrive at a satisfying outcome regarding child support.

Child Custody

This is often the single most emotional aspect of family law. Whether you’re the mother or father of children in an ongoing custody dispute or are setting up the initial custody agreement, it can be crucial to have the advice of an experienced family law attorney.

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