Fort Myers Speeding Ticket

Glades County- Speeding Ticket

Some people want to treat speeding tickets like they are no big deal.  After all, the only direct consequence of a single ticket is generally a fine.  In fact, when many of us started driving, a traffic fine was not only the first-line punishment for a speeding violation, it was the only punishment for a ticket.

Those days are over.  In the modern world, infractions are no longer things that virtually disappear from your record after they have been paid.  On the contrary, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles keeps a record of every Florida driver’s motor vehicle and traffic violations.  Multiple or severe offenses do not just mean paying a traffic fine; they can mean a suspended license, or, in worst-case scenarios, a revoked driver’s license.  Moreover, in Glades County,  paying a traffic ticket without contesting it requires either an admission of guilt or an agreement that you are not contesting the charges, both of which can be used against you if there are any civil proceedings that result from the same incident as the speeding ticket.

Furthermore, it is important to realize that the impact of a speeding ticket goes beyond your criminal record.  Automobile insurance companies examine traffic tickets, especially speeding tickets, to judge what type of risk you are to insure.  The greater your number of tickets in Glades County, the more difficult and more expensive it will be for you to obtain insurance.  In addition, the number of tickets may not be all that they look at; they may also look at the speed you were accused of driving when you received the ticket.  Insurance companies are not the only ones who look at tickets; as a matter of public record, they are available for others to examine at well and a ticket could result in you missing out on a job opportunity.

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