Fort Myers Traffic Ticket

Michael Raheb- Glades County- Traffic Ticket

Some traffic violations are relatively routine, and, if you do not have multiple violations on your record, may best be handled by paying the fine or taking traffic school or defensive driving as part of an arrangement to have the ticket dismissed.  However, not all traffic violations are routine, and the huge number of possible traffic violations makes it difficult for a lay person to understand the potential consequences attached to each violation.  In fact, when you begin to examine traffic tickets in Glades County, you start to realize that traffic laws can be so confusing that some officers write tickets without having the factual scenario available to justify the writing of the ticket.

Common traffic violations include: careless or reckless driving, racing, failure to yield right of way, failure to have the required liability insurance, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, failure to stop for a siren, running a stop sign, running a red light, failure to use a child restraint, passing a stopped school bus, driving with a license that has expired or been suspended, or driving with expired registration.  Some of these offenses are relatively minor, if they happen in isolation.  However, the reality is that traffic violations generally happen when there are other cars around.  A ticket may be a first step to an opposing party’s victory in a civil personal injury matter or a preliminary step in a larger criminal investigation.  As a result, traffic tickets in Glades County should not be dismissed as a nuisance.  Payment of a traffic ticket generally requires a plea that acknowledges wrong-doing and can be against your self-interest.

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