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11cf0131 and 11-015379CF  violated probation for multiple reason including new law violation faced 10 years prison, and initial probation recommendation was for minimum of three years in DOC. Probation revoked  and terminated an sentenced to just county jail time@

16CF17617, arrested and charged with Felony Possession of Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuana on 8-17-16. Case dismissed 4-27-17.

15-000611CF   arrested on 3/20/2017 for Third degree Felony of Grand Theft, while on Felony probation and faced up to 15 years in prison. Charges dismissed 4/26/17!

17CT-500920,and 17MM21140. Arrested and charged with DUI and Possession of Marijuana under twenty grams on March 10, 2017 and faced up to 18 months in jail and loss of DL for up two years. On 4-27-17, Charges all dismissed!!

17CT501434, Charged with Driving with License  suspended on 4/12/2017, and retained firm few days later. Case dismissed 4-27-17!

17-020421MM  arrested on 1/26/2017 with Charge of Solicitation/ Prostitution. Dismissed on 4-6-2017.

16-025717, Arrested on 11-21-2017 with Charge of Solicitation/ Prostitution. Dismissed on 4-24-2017.

16-025718MM, Arrested on 11-21-16. Dismissed on 4-21-2017.

16CT100337, charged with NO Valid DL. Dismissed on 4-27-17.

17-020421MM, Arrested on 11-21-2017 with Charge of Solicitation/ Prostitution. Dismissed on 4-10-2017

16CT-504957, on 12-6-16, arrested and Charged with  DUI, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Initial offer was to plead as charged. Filed motion to suppress. on 5-1-17, State dropped marijuana Charge, and Reduced DUI to Reckless Driving, and Court Withheld adjudication. No conviction on his record!

17CF15002, Arrested on 3-5-2017 and charged with Felony possession of Cocaine and three misdemeanors; Dismissed 4-3-17.

17-020331MM, Arrested on 1-21-17 and Charged with Two first Degree Misdemeanor counts of Possession of drug Paraphernalia and resisting and Officer without Violence. Dismissed 4-6-17!

16CT-505223 &16CT-003944, Defendant arrested for his third DUI, two counts of DUI with Property Damage and one count of refusal to provide breath sample based on a traffic accident with injuries, and faced possible felony charges. Defendant plead to one count of Reckless driving with property damage, and  Three DUI Counts and refusal Count dismissed!

17CT251, BAR  administrative review hearing on Defendant License that had been suspended for a DUI refusal and faced 12 months suspension. After full hearing Driver license Suspension Invalidated and client got Drivers license back!!

16TR083634, Defendant charged with Traffic accident with Serious bodily injury and faced up to six months DL suspension. After full hearing with Judge, Case dismissed!

16CT503788, Defendant on probation for DUI and filed a Motion and hearing to terminate probation early. After full hearing, Granted!

COLLIER COUNTY: 17CT348, Arrested on 2-7-17 and Charged with Misdemeanor Count of Driving while License Suspended. Dismissed 4-10-17.

Lee County: 17DR30071: Ex wife sought injunction for herself and her children alleging sexual violence. After full and complete hearing Petition for Injunction DENIED! Client able to visit his children again.

17MM20281, on 1-18-17 Arrested and charged with prostitution. Dismissed 3-13-17.

17MM20188, Arrested and charge wit Resisting a n Officer Without violence; After a Motion to Suppress hearing due to unlawful arrest with officer was Granted!!. Case dismissed.

15CF1787 While on State Probation Defendant arrested for new law violation on 2-25-17 and faced prison time. On 2-20-17 Probation reinstated nonetheless.

14CF14261, while on State probation violated for fourth time with a new violation, and was offered three years DOC!. After the firm was retained, on 2-13-17,she was reinstated to probation.

16CT504923, Arrested and charged with DUI for alleged breath sample above the Legal limit and First Degree Misdemeanor Charge of Possession of Marijuana. Faced both incarceration and loss of license of up to 18 months. ON 2-21-17, DUI was reduced to Reckless driving and Marijuana was amended to paraphernalia and client received a Withhold of Adjudication on all charges, and hence never convicted!!

17-020608MM, arrested on 2-25-17 while on State probation for DV Battery with three alleged eye witnesses. Case dismissed on 3-2-17!

17-014797CF  arrested on 2-19-17 and charged with Felony Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon and Stalking based on allegations of four eye witnesses. Dismissed in less than two weeks on 3-2-16!

17-MM20278, on 1-18-17 Arrested and charged with prostitution. Dismissed 3-10-17.

17-MM20271,on 1-18-17 Arrested and charged with prostitution. Dismissed 3-13-17.

Charlotte County:17-MM20276,on 1-18-17 Arrested and charged with prostitution. Dismissed 3-13-17.

Charlotte County:17145CF, on 1/20/2017 Defendant arrested and charged with Felony Battery for allegedly punching a senior citizen.

Dismissed on 2-13-17!

Desoto County:15CF 249- Arrested and Charged with Second Degree Felony of Dealing in Stolen property(Punishable by up to 15 years in DOC) and five misdemeanor counts dealing with a pawn shop. Offer involved a period of incarceration. 0n 3-7-17-After Motion to suppress filed, on day of hearing, State Dismissed Felony Count and Two misdemeanor counts and client received only a probation sentence@

LEE COUNTY: 17-MM020281, on 1-18-17 Arrested and charged with prostitution. Dismissed 3-10-17.

16CF-016580, Arrested on 6-14-16 for Felony Possession of Cocaine, and Two First Degree Misdemeanor Counts of Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia. Dismissed 2-27-17@

 LEE COUNTY: 16-CF19142, On 12/3/2016, Client rearrested on drug charges on Felony Charge of Marijuana-possess  with Intent To Sell Mfg Or Deliver Scheduled Narcotics. Dismissed 12-19-16!

16-CF19444, arrested on 24 four counts of Narcotics possession charge and Felony Possession of Marijuana on 12-23-17, hired Law firm on 1-25-16, charges dropped 1-9-17!

16MM24974, Arrested on 9/28/2016 for charge of Petit Theft. Dismissed 12-15-16@

16MM24888, Client arrested for First degree Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana. Dismissed 1-13-17@

COLLIER COUNTY: 16CT427, Client was charged with Violation of his Probation (VOP) after admittance to consuming alcohol, and other allegations, and state was seeking incarceration. On 11-28-16, Warrant dismissed by Court@

Sarasota County:16MM8395SC, Client originally arrested and charged with Three Counts of Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Making a False 911 call, and Resisting an Officer without violence, and state had been seeking 60 days in-jail along with probation. After retaining thee firm, on 11-28-16 two(2) counts were dismissed and client received probation with no jail at all@

Charlotte County:16-001963MM   arrested on 10/8/2016 for DV Battery,. Filed motion to set aside No contact Order. Motion granted on 11-2-16.  On 11-3-16, case dismissed by state.

Lee County: 16CJ50009, client arrested and charge with Felony Possession for Burglary tools. Charge dismissed on 12-6-16.

16TR62513, cited on 9-26-16 fro Violation for Right of Way. On 12-1-16, case dismissed.

16TR50813, 16TR50809, 16TR50811, 16TR050424, Charged with Open container, Failure to have Insurance, Failure to have car registered, and Failure to have correct address on DL.  All dismissed on 12-8-16!

16CT502163, filed motion to term probation early for Defendant on his DUI arrest which had been reduced to WWRD(his second). Motion granted 12-7-16.

16CT503994, at Formal Administrative review Hearing for Client’s license which was administratively suspended by the DMV. Client had been arrested and charged with  a DUI, and DUI with property Damage after an accident, and had allegedly blood alcohol level of .346. After full adversarial hearing, Drivers Licence suspension invalidated and drivers license returned to client!

LEE COUNTY: DVM v DL V422-005-96-367-0, on 10-1-16, our client, under 21 driver, was arrested and charged with DUI with a .110 breath and had license suspended for one year. On 11-10-16,after a full hearing with multiple police officers testifying at an adversarial DMV B.A.R. Hearing, drivers License suspension was invalidated and client got driver license back!

16MM024819, arrested on 9/20/2016 and charged with Resisting an officer without Violence, while on State probation. Filed a Motion to Suppress for unlawful arrest, and after contested hearing on 11-7-2016,with multiple police officers testifying, Motion to Suppress Granted, Case dropped!!

HENDRY COUNTY:16MM952, Arrested for fifth time for two(2) First Degree Misdemeanor Counts of Possession of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and faced two(2) years of probation and a one year loss of drivers licence. On 11-9-16, marijuana charge dropped and client received no jail, and did not lose their drivers license.

Charlotte: 14-2349CF, Motion to Convert Community Control to Probation, despite prior violation of Probation. Motion granted after hearing on 11-3-2016.

Lee County:16MM25012, arrested on October 3, 2016 on the charge of First Degree misdemeanor battery domestic violence. Charges dismissed on 1019 2016.

16MM21908, Arrested and charged on APRIL 5, 2016, on two 1st° Degree misdemeanor counts of possession of marijuana not more than 20 g , and Possession of drug equipment. Defendant faced up to two years in jail and loss of drivers license for one year. Charges dismissed on October 27, 2016.

16CF18337, Arrested and charged with Felony Charge of Possesion of Cocaine on 10-6-16. Charges dismissed 10-27-16!

16CF18529, Arrested and charged with Felony Charge of DRIVING WHILE LISENCE suspended on 10-19-16, Dismissed 11-4-16.

COLLIER COUNTY: 16MM2298, ARRESTED on 10-15-16 on the charge of First Degree misdemeanor battery domestic violence. Retained firm on 10-18-16, Charges dismissed on 10-27-2016!

Charlotte:16MM1963, Arrested and charged with First degree misdemeanor charge of Domestic Violence Battery. After formal charges were filed we filed a motion our motion to modify the no contact order which was granted on November 3, 2016. Right after hearing the state dismissed the charges!

15-019525CF    ARRESTED ON 12/28/2015 on Felony Count of Possession Of Marijuana 20 Grams or more, punishable of to five years DOC and loss of DL for 12 months. Dismissed 9-22-16.

16MM23187, Defendant arrested on 6/15/2016, for a First degree Misdemeanor Petite Theft charge, with a co-defendant, had charges dismissed on 9-27-16@ 16CF17450, on 8-6-16 on Seven Counts, including Two Felony Counts of Possession Counts of a controlled Substance without a prescription, Possession of Marijuana, and paraphernalia, and a Second DUI and and four other Misdemeanors. Faced more than ten years in prison and two years loss of DL. On 9-19-16. Two(2) felony counts and two(2) misdemeanor counts all dismissed!; Defendant only plead to Misdemeanor counts, and received a withhold of adjudication of the Marijuana charge and hence avoided an mandatory DL suspension.

14CF-016842, Defendant who originally was charge with Selling narcotics within 1,000 of Public Housing, and faced prison time, was sentenced to non prison sanction including probation. Filed motion to terminate probation early, and on September 27, 2016, over state;s objection, Won motion to terminate probation Early@ 16CT501843, Defendant filed motion to terminate his probation early. Firm had his prior DUI already reduced to WWRD, and after only three months on probation, ON September 26, 2016, over state’s objection,Won motion to terminate probation Early@ 16DR031900, Defendant was served with a temporary Restraining order for Domestic Violence by Ex GF. On 9-27-16, after exhaustive full trial, Injunction Dismissed!

16DR031929, Defendant was served with a temporary Restraining order for Domestic Violence by Ex GF, On 9-28-16, Injunction Dismissed!

CHARLOTTE: 16-618DV, Defendant was served with a temporary Restraining order for Domestic Violence by Estranged Wife. On 9-27-16, after exhaustive full trial, Injunction Dismissed!

15CF15309, arrssted on March 30th 2015 on felony grand theft charges. Case dismissed September 9th 2016.
16CT502725, arrested on July 2, 2016 for DUI .15 or higher with breath reading of .175. Reduced to willful wanton reckless driving on September 8th 2016@
16CT2695 arrested on Misdemeaner charge of Driving with expired license 6 months or more; retained firm on September 8, 2016, case dismissed on September 9, 2016!

LEE COUNTY: 16CT502368,  arreated for DUI, ; on 811816, plead to reduced charge of WWRD.

16MM23074, arrested on charge of Possession of Maryjuana; Dismissed on 82516.

16MM20974, arrested on charge of a First Degree Misdemeaner DV Battery. Dismissed on 82616.

Sarasota County:16-CF8035, Arrested on 6-5-12, and charged with Three Felonies and Five misdemeanors, Faced over 15 years in prison,a felony conviction, and scored to and was offered prison time as part of his sentence. On 8-8-16, plead only to one Felony count and received withhold of adjudication(not convicted) and received no prison time.

Hendry County:15mm1703, Motion to Term Probation Early granted on 7-11-16 on case that originated as a felony.

Lee County: 16MM22427, arrested on DV battery and had Jury on July 19, 2016 with fur(4) witnesses , including two police officers testifying for the state. Found not guilty by Jury in under 30 minutes!

16CJ4930, Charged with Two Felony Counts of Possession of Marijuana with Intent to sell and One Count of Possession of Marijuana over twenty grams, Drug Paraphernalia on 7-15-2016. All counts were No petitioned(dismissed) on 8-1-16!

16CJ4448, Charged initially with a Punishable by Life felony. On July 19, 2016, plead to reduced Felony charge and received probation, and a withhold of adjudication(no conviction).

15CT503422, Motion To terminate probation Early on case with prior high breath DUI, Granted on 7-22-16.

16DR31113, Petitioners Motion to Modify Injunction against our client. After full hearing,with both parties represented by Counsel, Petition denied in favor of our client!

16DR31113, ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE against or client for allegedly violating Injunction. Faced up to six months in jail. On 8-10-16, Case dismissed!

CHARLOTTE COUNTY:16CT647, Arrested for second time for a DUI(prior conviction) on 5/5/2016, plead to reduced charge of WWRD on 8-12-16!

16CT727, Arrested for DUI on 5-20-16, plead to reduced charge of WWRD on 8-12-16.

Sarasota: 14CF011705 VOP TRIAL, in front of a judge based on new arrest. Client faced 15 years prison. on June 27, 2016, found Not GUILTY of Violation of probation after trial, and probation terminated!

Lee County:15-000962MM, charged with DV battery with three(3) eye witnesses. Faced incarceration, criminal conviction, as well as having conviction used in his pending Custody trial by his deceitful accusers. On July 16, 2016, found not guilty in 17 minutes!

16CT1978, on June 18, 2016, arrested for driving with expired DL. Dismissed on July 8, 2016@

16CT502163, arrested for second time on the Charge of DUI; on July 1, 2016 reduced to Will full and Wanton Reckless Driving.